Checking for Balanced Paranthesis using Stack in C++

Balanced equations ? Not it is not the one you see in Chemistry. Balanced equations are those equations in which the brackets in the equation are balanced. Consider the following expression :


This equation is balanced considered to be balanced as the closing ) matches the opening (. Consider another example below :


In the above equation you could see that the opening flower bracket doesn't have an matching closing flower bracket. So this is considered to be a balanced equation. 

So lets write a program for that. We will be using stack in the program and this is one of the most important application of stack. 

Algorithm :
  • Get the expression from the user
  • Run a loop for the entire length of the expression.
  • If the character is (, { or [ then push it on to the stack,
  • If the character is ), } or ] then pop a character from the stack and check if it is (, { or [ respectively.
  • If so continue on to the next iteration of the loop else print it out as unbalanced equation.
  • After the end of the loop check if the stack is empty. If so print Balanced equation else print unbalanced equation.


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